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PCR-GLOBWB used to assess transpiration-rainfall cascades in the Amazon basin

The transpiration and subsequent downwind precipiation in the Amazon basin is important in buffering droughts. Scientists from Utrecht University (among which Joyce Bosmans) and Wageningen University published these findings in Nature Climate Change. Instrumental to their analysis was the use of PCR-GLOBWB to model terrestrial evaporation.

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Follow us at EGU 2018!

The global hydrology group is presenting at EGU 2018 in Vienna. A list of our presentations can be found here!

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Meet us at AGU 2017

Hydrology from Utrecht has over 25 contributions to the AGU Fall Meeting in New Orleans. Check out where we will be Here!

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Nature publication: the fate of Asia’s glaciers under 1.5 degree warming

We published a paper in Nature projecting that under a 1.5  degree warming, as agreed upon under the Paris Agreement, the glaciers in High Mountain Asia will have lost about 35% of their mass. Under more realistic climate scenarios the mass loss could add up to 65%, with dire consequences for people that depend on the melt water…

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Nature Communications: Water scarcity travels downstream

In a  new study by Ted Veldkamp (VU Amsterdam), Yoshi Wada  et al. that appeared in Nature Communications it  is shown, by using a multi-model ensemble from ISI-MIP 2a (PCR-GLOBWB among these),  that human interventions in the global water system may decrease water scarcity upstream while aggravating water scarcity downstream. The link to the paper can be…

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PCR-GLOBWB and high impact papers: Yoshi and Niko strike again!

Former members of our group Yoshihide Wada and Niko Wanders were involved in new high impact publications using PCR-GLOBWB: Yoshi was co-author on a paper in Nature assessing how groundwater depletion is embedded in international food trade.  See this link for a nice BBC news item. Both Niko and Yoshi were involved in a GRL paper looking how water management can both mitigate and intensify hydrological…

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Global two-layer transient groundwater model published (and more)

We are happy to announce that Inge de Graaf published a paper about our newly-developed global two-layer transient groundwater model. This version is coupled one-way with the global hydrology and water resources model PCR-GLOBWB. A newer version also has a two-way (at time-step) coupling with PCR-GLOBWB and will be reported on shortly. You can find the paper here! Furthermore, Yoshihide…

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